Reading for 5/12

Thanks to our new participants and and those we hadn’t seen in a while for joining us last night — hope you will all make a habit of it!

We really liked James P. Carse’s book Finite and Infinite Games (see below), so in two weeks we’re going to pick back up with that, but next time we’ll revisit an old classic: On the Poverty of Student Life, the text which essentially took the Situationist International from an obscure groupuscule mired in the ashes of the Lettrist avant garde to an organization that would become synonymous with the uprisings of May 1968 and leave indelible marks in the annals of art, revolt, and criticism.

One of our participants will be providing a little historical context and background to the SI for those of us who haven’t encountered them before. If your hunger is still not glutted, you might read Bob Black’s essay on the SI.