Reading for 12/27

Hello friends, Dysnomia here. I’m still out of town, but since I heard no reading was settled upon last week, I thought I would recommend a recent favorite for you all in my absence. I received a book of Cioran’s as a gift from Athena at BASTARD a few months back and I’ve found it to be provocative. From History and Utopia, take a look at “Odyssey of Rancor” (pp. 57), a thoughtful meditation on the predicament of reactive forces (in a Nietzschean sense, i.e. resséntiment) qua vengeful resistance. The rest of the book is also splendid, worth a look if you’re so inclined. I hope you enjoy it. See y’all in a week.

Reading for 11/29

Okay, this one will be a bit long, but hopefully worthwhile. Next week we’ll read Nicola Masciandaro’s “Secret: No Light Has Ever Seen the Black Universe” and the text it is based on, François Laruelle’s “On the Black Universe”, both from Dark Nights of the Universe. All together these comprise about 40 pages, so give yourself time and come enjoy it with us on Tuesday!