Reading for 5/10

This week we’re finishing our engagement with Antonin Artaud’s Heliogabalus, or, The Crowned Anarchist by reading the back half of Part 3: “Anarchy” (bottom of pg. 91 – end). If you’re considering attending the group but haven’t been there for our past readings of this text, don’t let that stop you! We digress often, and how.


Reading for 3/22

Before finishing the Bachelard, we’ll take a slight detour through the utopian dreams of Charles Fourier by way of Dominic Pettman’s Peak Libido. Take a peak at Chapter 3 (pg. 73): “Get Thee to a Phalanstery (or How Fourier Can Still Teach Us to Make Lemonade)”. Until then, stay fierce.

Reading for 3/15

We’ll finish Bachelard’s book in two weeks, but for a change of pace, let’s read the chapter on Max Stirner from Roberto Calasso’s The Forty-Nine Steps (pg. 144). Our next BASTARD Conference will be held on Sunday, June 5th to coincide with the Bay Area Anarchist Bookfair. Bring ideas for themes and presentations in the coming weeks if you’ve got em. See you soon.