Reading for 3/23

Clarifying the Unique & Its Self-Creation: An Introduction to Stirner’s Critics, by Jason McQuinn


Clarifying the Unique audio part 1 on Immediatism

Clarifying the Unique audio part 2 on Immediatism

For anybody who’s interested in reading a more contemporary critique of Stirner, here is a pamphlet against Stirner and individualism written by some anarchists recently. might be a nice addendum to this week’s piece:

Entanglement: On Anarchism and Individualism

Another potential supplement for this week’s reading, this one much shorter and with a far better grasp of Stirner than the pamphlet above. Check it out if you’ve already read the intro to¬†Critics and are looking for something to ponder before tonight’s conversation.

Ricardo Baldissone – “Not for Understanding but for Cutting: Breaking out of the Western Conceptual Straitjacket with Stirner”