Reading for 5/25

Towards an Anthropology as Science Fiction by Dominique Ganawaabi

Post-Indian Aphorisms by Dominique Ganawaabi

Both of the above readings by Dominique are in Black Seed 7 on

For next week, we decided to juxtapose the above reading on anthropology as science fiction with excerpts from volume 1 of The Accursed Share by Georges Bataille. Given the focus on anthropology in Dom’s piece, I’m suggesting we discuss the section “The Historical Data 1”. It is a bit long, but split into two parts (“Sacrifices and Wars of the Aztecs” and “The Gift of Rivalry: Potlach”), which you could read either or both of. I’d say the point here is more to focus on the way Bataille approaches “anthropology” in this text rather than needing to necessarily digest every word of both sections. So, as always, just read what you can/are inclined to! Text is HERE. ~N