Reading for 10/19

Continuing with Vaneigem’s The Revolution of Everyday Life. We’ll discuss Part VII – The Age of Happiness all the way through Part X – The Reign of Quantity, stopping at Part XI.

The call for presentations for next month’s BASTARD Conference has been published. Check it out by clicking the link in the header menu. Share it around, tell your friends, and do what you can to drum up interest. If you have an idea you’d like to present, the deadline for proposals is Friday, November 5th. If you’ve never presented at BASTARD before, don’t be intimidated. It could be as easy as facilitating a discussion by coming up with some interesting questions you’d like to ask, sharing a skill you think others might find useful, or performing a short piece. Anything goes really, so seriously consider taking part if you’ve not done so before. birdsoffire [at] riseup [dot] net with any questions or ideas.

See ya Tuesday!