Reading for 1/26

Next week we’ll be looking at Angela Carter’s The Sadeian Woman; specifically the first chapter, “Polemical Preface: Pornography in the Service of Women”. Be advised that it is on the lengthy side — totaling around 35 pages — but given the author, they are almost certain to be compelling!

Another book mentioned this evening that some of you may wish to check out: Stephen Harrod Buhner’s Ensouling Language: On the Art of Non-Fiction and the Writer’s Life. Looks interesting!

As mentioned at the very end of the meeting, we have decided to abandon the FB chat that we’ve had going for quite a while and switch to the far more secure option of a Signal chat instead. All important information and decision-making will still take place on Tuesdays in the group proper — this chat is just for us to shoot the shit between meetings and share things we come across that others might appreciate. All you need is the Signal app and a phone number, and if you’re hesitant to use your actual number, a burner number created via Google Voice or a similar app will also work. If you want in, either text me (Nev) your digits or email them to birdsoffire [at] riseup [dot] net.

Lastly, we are planning on recording a new episode of our podcast Margins of Reality soon! The current plan is to record in the late afternoon on January 30th (a week from this coming Saturday). We’re hoping that everyone who has taken part in previous episodes will join us for this one. Additionally, anyone else from the study group who feels like taking part is more than welcome to. Those of us in the Bay who feel comfortable meeting up will likely record irl, and everyone else who wants to participate can via Jitsi. If you’re interested in being a part of this, shoot an email over to birdsoffire [at] riseup [dot] net. Our topic for this episode is as yet undetermined so if you’ve got ideas, let’s hear em. Until next time!!