Reading for 2/9

Next time we’re going to read an old favorite we haven’t looked at in this group for a while: Alfredo Bonanno’s Armed Joy. It’s easily Bonanno’s most well-known piece (at least among anglophone readers), albeit one of his early ones, and a poetic evocation of his conception of insurrectionary anarchism. Lately Cory has been kind enough to record our readings, but she can take the week off as I recorded this one years ago.

There seemed to be some interest in a piece I’ve mentioned before called “Professional Anarchy and Theoretical Disarmament: On Insurrectionalism” by Miguel Amorós. It looks critically at Bonanno and the insurrectionary tendency so strongly associated with his writings (at least in this part of the world). This is just extra reading for you masochists out there, so no worries if you don’t get to it (or don’t want to). Some of you may find it worthwhile.

Hope to see you all next week for this volatile classic!