Reading for 4/28

It’s going to be hard to top last week’s reading, but I’m optimistic! This week we’ll read a short essay on the 3rd/4th century egoist thinker Yang Chu. Thanks to John and Jason for hooking up the PDF.  You can also read this introduction on him if yer hankerin fer more!

Just a reminder, we are experimenting with using Jitsi Meet ( or download on your app store) to open the study group up to all who can’t attend bc of the pandemic. The room name is “bastardanarchy” and we get started at 7:00 or shortly thereafter every Tuesday night. Drop in and join our conversation if you like!

Reading for 4/21

We’re having some trouble finding the Yang Zhu stuff, so instead we’ll look at the Lang Gore piece from Modern Slavery that also came up last time. PDF is HERE.

and as a bonus, here’s a PDF of some flyers and posters by Anti Authoritarians Anonymous (Dan Todd & John Zerzan)… enjoy!