Reading for 8/25

OMG the process of scanning this book in has been SO FRUSTRATING. But I finally got it done!

So next week, we’ll start our reading of Tony Duvert’s Odd Jobs. Since I’m (always) posting later than intended, let’s just do the first half for this week. It’s about 25 pgs, which may seem like a lot to read in a few days, but as you’ll see the page dimensions are very small and this reading will breeze by. Let’s start with the translators introduction and read through the section entitled “The Censor” (stopping at pg 22). Looking forward to discussing this surreal novella with you folks!

text is HERE


Reading for 7/18

I’ve been having some trouble getting my new scanner to scan, so let’s put off Odd Jobs until next week so we all have enough time to read it. As a substitution, and building off of our discussion last week, let’s take a look at Alejandro’s piece “History as decomposition” next time.

Click here for the text

Reading for 8/11

On Tuesday we’ll take a look at Walter Benjamin’s “Theses on the Philosophy of History”. It’s short but densely packed. Maybe we’ll connect Benjamin’s ideas about history, historians, and time itself with someone like Fredy Perlman… or even Max Stirner! Grab the text HERE

cya soon!!

Klimt, Angelus Novus

Reading for 8/4

On Tuesday this week, we’ll read some excerpts from Blessed is the Flame and discuss the anarchist nihilism it suggests. Let’s take a look at the sections “Sabotage and Negation” and “Organization and Mass Uprisings”. Download the book HERE.