Reading for 6/21

On Tuesday we will conclude our reading of Georges Bataille’s On Nietzsche by discussing the last two sections of the Diary. In the interest of not splitting sections in twain or spending an entire week on the “Epilogue”, this week’s reading will be a bit longer than the previous ones. Accordingly, please give yourself enough time to read about 40 pp. of this dense work.

Our reading begins at pp. 121 with “The Times (June-July 1944)” and ends on pp. 162 at the conclusion of “Epilogue (August 1944)”. Several appendices and the Memorandum remain for those who wish to continue engaging with this captivating text, but our collective journey through & with it ends this week.

Reading 6/7

Sorry about the late post this week, I plum forgot what with the book fair and all! Tonight we’ll continue to discuss Bataille’s On Nietzsche as we look at the first section of the Diary – “The ‘Teacup’, ‘Zen’, and the Beloved”.