Reading for 12/29

Apologies for the lack of a post this past week; I was traveling and forgot to update!

For our final reading of the year, next week we’ll take a look at Alfredo M. Bonanno’s “The Anarchist Tension”. If you don’t feel like reading this essay, you can check out a recording of it Cory did recently for her podcast Immediatism. Thanks Cory!

This piece is also being read/discussed in the Constructing Anarchisms project being carried out by Shawn Wilbur, which we mentioned some weeks back when we read Voline. Visit Libertarian Labyrinth if you want to see more from that!

Until next time, best wishes in all your holiday/anti-holiday revelry!

Reading for 12/15

Next week, we’ll read some more Bataille. Specifically, we’ll take a look at “The Sacred Conspiracy”, “The Pineal Eye”, and “The Absence of Myth”. The first two pieces can be found in the well-known collection of early Bataille, Visions of Excess, and the last one in a volume of the same title, The Absence of Myth. GB always seems to foment exuberant conversations whenever we read him; hope you’ll join us!

Reading for 12/8

Next week will be our second to last reading of Gestalt Therapy (link to the text posted a few weeks back if anyone still needs it). We’ll read Chapters XIII and XIV, which leaves only one chapter remaining in this wonderful book!

In two weeks (12/14) we’re going to look at some more Bataille. The Sacred Conspiracy is for sure on the menu for then, but we’ll need to figure out a few supplementary texts to go with it. If you have any suggestions, let’s hear em!

Be sure to keep an eye on Shawn Wilbur’s website ( if you’re interested in continuing to follow his “Constructing Anarchisms” project. There have been some interesting posts over the past week, so give it a look!

And for anyone who wants to check out the interview Wolfi and Jason recorded a few years back on the idea of synthesis, you can find it HERE. I’m about twenty minutes in right now and can confirm that it’s definitely worth listening to — as if you needed any confirmation given the individuals who recorded it!

Hope to see you next time!