Reading for 11/3

Next week we’re going to read Wilhelm Reich’s rant “Listen, Little Man!”. Let’s plan to discuss from the beginning through pg. 22 (stopping at “My students sat at their microscopes…”) but the text isn’t that long, so if you feel like tackling the whole enchilada, go for it!

And if you like what you’re reading check out this surreal quasi-documentary on Reich and his ideas (among other things…) — Dušan Makavejev’s WR: Mysteries of the Organism. Would make a great counterpoint to this text!

Reading for 10/13

We will continue our reading of Gestalt Therapy in two weeks, but next time we’re going to begin looking at Robert Anton Wilson’s Quantum Psychology. Let’s make the introductions optional and instead just dive into Part 1, stopping at “Speaking About the Unspeakable”. That’s a good bit of reading, but remember you can skip the exercises until next week and, as always, don’t feel like you necessarily have to read all of it if you find yourself pressed for time. I’m posting early this week though, so let’s push ourselves!

Reading for 10/6

For those who weren’t there last time, this week’s reading is Chapters 3 & 4 in Paul Goodman’s Gestalt Therapy. Check the previous post for a pdf if you still need it!