Reading for 6/15

We will read Toward the Creative Nothing, by Novatore. The text is available here at and here at in podcast form.

Notice that discussion questioning prompts have been added above, in the tab “questions to consider while reading.”  Utilize these to the extent they are helpful or inspire you!

Feel free to come 10 minutes early to check in with a friendly hello if you choose to, and also to stay after the meeting for a meta-discussion if you like.

Reading for 6/8

Next week, we’ll be discussing the nihilistic pessimism of Emil Cioran as presented in his book The Trouble With Being Born. We’ll take a look at Chapters 5, 2, and 3. That totals about sixty pages, but given it’s an aphoristic text, many of which are decidedly brief, all three chapters shouldn’t take more than an hour or so to complete (depending on how you ruminate, I suppose). But if for whatever reason you’re unable or disinclined to read all three chapters, it is suggested that you tackle them in the above order. See you soon! ~N