Reading for 11/16

A final reminder that the 2021 BASTARD Conference will take place this Saturday, November 13th from 12-7pm at The Long Haul Infoshop (3124 Shattuck Ave in Berkeley). We have a day full of provocative and incendiary conversations about anarchy and anarchisms planned, presented by participants in the Berkeley Anarchist Study Group alongside some special guests from out of town. The event is free and open to all, so come out and join us for another day of discussing the beautiful idea. If you are presenting and have yet to send me a short (< one paragraph) blurb summarizing your presentation, please do so asap!

Next week, as per our tradition, we will discuss this weekend’s conference and read the responses to the questionnaires. Instead of a reading to accompany this, we’ll instead watch Guy Debord’s short film Critique of Separation. Feel free to bring snacks and drinks to share while we watch!

Hope to see you Saturday!

Reading for 11/9

Completely forgot to post this week, apologies. Tuesday we’ll be reading the next two sections in The Revolution of Everyday Life, “Sacrifice” and “Separation”, starting on pg. 90. We’ll also be doing some final discussing of next weekend’s BASTARD Conference, so if you’re presenting please try and make it on Tuesday. See you then!