Reading for 3/23

Clarifying the Unique & Its Self-Creation: An Introduction to Stirner’s Critics, by Jason McQuinn


Clarifying the Unique audio part 1 on Immediatism

Clarifying the Unique audio part 2 on Immediatism

For anybody who’s interested in reading a more contemporary critique of Stirner, here is a pamphlet against Stirner and individualism written by some anarchists recently. might be a nice addendum to this week’s piece:

Entanglement: On Anarchism and Individualism

Another potential supplement for this week’s reading, this one much shorter and with a far better grasp of Stirner than the pamphlet above. Check it out if you’ve already read the intro to Critics and are looking for something to ponder before tonight’s conversation.

Ricardo Baldissone – “Not for Understanding but for Cutting: Breaking out of the Western Conceptual Straitjacket with Stirner”

Reading for 3/8

This whole first part of Fragment of A Voyage to New Orleans (1855), by Elisee Reclus, which is under the title Fragment of a Voyage to Louisiana on

The first part is a text called Putting Freedom on the Map: The Life and Work of Elisee Reclus, by John Clark, and is optional.

3/7 Update: Alternatively, the translator has sent us a longer revised version of the full text